cigar cutter

Our Story

 One day my son and I after finishing reloading some ammo, took a brass case and sharpened it to use for a cigar punch that we have seen so many others do before. With our passion for firearms, we thought how cool it would be to have one with the bullet attached to make it look like a real loaded bullet. There were other bullet cigar punches out there, with bullets attached but none were real, and the bullet had to be removed to use them. So, my Son and I got to work and found a way to use a real bullet and brass case that the bullet did not have to be removed to use it. After trying out our invention on a couple fine cigars we discovered that not only did we find a way to attach the bullet that did not have to be removed, but to our amazement, it cleaned itself out automatically. We now had an authentic Bullet Cigar Punch that was Fully Automatic. We decided to get a patent and a trademark on this awesome new product we invented. Shortly after getting patent pending and our new Trademark we started up our Father and Son company “Centerfire Creations”. 

But we weren’t there yet, we still had to overcome how to make them with limited resources. We couldn’t afford to have anything made for us or purchase expensive equipment. So, with hundreds of discarded bullets and several attempts at tooling we managed to make our own equipment and set up our own shop that would produce top quality products in a very efficient way.