cigar cutter

Our Story

Our story begins in a small back room with an old school desk made for a workbench where my son and I would spend all day reloading some ammo for our next day shoot at the range. We loved to shoot at our club and would always enjoy a good cigar afterward, so we would sharpen one of the brass cases for a punch to take with us. One day while we were reloading, we pushed one of the bullets in the sharpened brass case to have the punch look like a real loaded bullet. It looked like the real thing, but it wouldn't stay in and there was no way to clean out the case. So, with several attempts at trying to keep it from falling out, we finally came up with a way for the bullet to stay in the case and to our amazement, it automatically ejected the cut-out from the cigar. We knew we had something different that worked well, so we decided to apply for a patent. We soon were granted Patent Pending on our “Automatic self-cleaning bullet cigar punch”. We came up with a name and a logo and decided to start our own company Centerfire Creations, LLC and register our logo.

But we weren’t there yet! We still had to have them made and with the cost to have them made was more then we could afford, our only option was to set up a shop in that small back room with the desk for a workbench and handcraft the finest product we could create with the best equipment we could afford. We now have several different online stores and retail accounts, along with a few big events that were very successful. We offer a couple of different calibers now with a lot more to come. With a name like Centerfire Creations, we had to have a goal other than cigar punches, so our goal is to create one-of-kind products that can only be found at Centerfire Creations. We want people to see our products and say, “It’s a Centerfire Creation”.